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How South Dakota Defines a “Dangerous Weapon” in Assault Charges

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The use of a “dangerous weapon” in an assault usually means that the accused is charged with a felony instead of a misdemeanor, but the distinction isn’t always obvious. South Dakota uses a broad definition of “dangerous weapons” in assault cases, and that definition includes more than just the obvious.

Examples of Objects the Law Might Define as a “Dangerous Weapon”

Under South Dakota law, the definition of a “dangerous weapon” includes obvious weapons, such as:

  • A gun
  • A knife

This also includes objects that aren’t normally used as weapons, but could obviously be used as a weapon, such as:

  • A baseball bat
  • A crowbar

However, depending on the circumstances, a much wider range of objects could be considered a dangerous weapon under the law, including just about any object that could even potentially be used to hurt someone. This could include any number of objects, including everyday items like:

  • A rock
  • A beer bottle
  • A pair of nail scissors
  • A butter knife

However, although you may not normally think of these objects as “weapons,” they can all turn a misdemeanor charge into a felony if someone is hurt or the victim feels threatened. And, for many people accused of assault, the question of whether or not a “dangerous weapon” was used can be a big part of their defense and the eventual outcome of the charges against them.

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