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Watch Out for These Warning Signs That Your Spouse Is Having an Affair

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Suspecting your spouse is cheating on you can be emotionally draining because of the uncertainty of whether or not your suspicions are true. You do not want to wrongly accuse your spouse if his actions are completely harmless. However, you do not want to sit and do nothing if he really is being unfaithful. How do you know if your worries are justified?

10 Signs Your Spouse May Be Cheating on You

You may be tempted to hire a private investigator to spy on your spouse. While you may ultimately decide to do so after consulting with a divorce attorney, you first want to feel somewhat confident that your fears are substantiated by your spouse’s actions. If you have seen changes like these in his behaviors, you may want to take the next step of contacting an experienced divorce attorney:

  1. Frequent password changes. If your spouse frequently changes the passwords to his social media accounts, email, or online financial accounts, this could be a sign he is hiding something from you.
  2. Social media profile. If your spouse is making himself look single on his social media accounts, such as hiding pictures of you as a couple or only having ones of himself alone or with friends, this could be a red flag that he is not being faithful. Another clue is a change in the amount of time he spends on social media sites.
  3. Cell phone usage. If your spouse keeps his phone near him to catch text messages, or so you cannot see it, he could be hiding communications with someone. Another sign is if he moves into another room to take a call, so you cannot hear the conversation.
  4. Dressing better. A change in the way your spouse is dressing to improve his appearance could be a sign that he wants to look good for a new special someone—especially true if you observe other warning signs.
  5. Is no longer interested in sex. If your spouse loses interest in you sexually, this could be a warning sign that he is having a sexual relationship with someone else.
  6. Cleared history. Is your spouse suddenly clearing his history on the internet or his cell phone? He may be trying to hide a search for a new partner or communications with someone he is already seeing.
  7. Increased spending. If you are noticing increased household spending you cannot account for, your spouse may be using money—often cash withdrawals—to pay for meals, social activities, or gifts for the person he is seeing.
  8. Makes hurtful remarks. Your spouse could suddenly begin making hurtful remarks about you or pick fights with you as a way to make excuses for his behavior. Suddenly, it becomes your fault for his actions due to the fighting.
  9. Expensive gifts. If your spouse suddenly starts buying you expensive gifts, he could be doing so due to guilt over being unfaithful to you.
  10. Separate holidays. Suggesting a separate holiday is a red flag that your spouse is seeing someone else.

Do you suspect your spouse is cheating on you? If you are considering filing a divorce call our compassionate divorce attorneys at 888-733-2992 or start an online chat to schedule a free consultation.


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