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Cause of Paralysis in Catastrophic South Dakota Car/Truck Accidents

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We all hear stories of worst-case scenario car wrecks, but we never think they'll happen to us or a family member. However, negligent car or truck drivers can come out of nowhere to cause a serious wreck, resulting in a tragic outcome such as paralysis or even wrongful death.

Paralysis can happen in a number of ways. It can occur during birth, as the result of a disease, or in South Dakota car or truck accidents, as the result of extreme force on vulnerable parts of the human body.

The most common cause of paralysis in car or truck accidents is actually pretty straightforward. The violent collisions that are standard in these wrecks, such as when a tractor-trailer truck barrels into the back of a stopped car or two SUVs hit head-on, can separate your spine or brain from the rest of your body.

The spine and brain are two of the most integral elements in a fully functioning body. When these connections are severed, the movement signals that start in the brain and travel through the spine cannot connect, leaving your arms and legs without the communication channels they need to act.

The treatment of paralysis, however, is not so simple. Paralysis resulting from a car accident is most likely permanent, meaning that doctors can do little to help your condition. Medical professionals may be able to make improvements with physical therapy, but most care will focus on simply making the injured person more comfortable.

An individual living with paralysis can still live a fulfilling life. However, it is a dramatic change for an adult who grew up with a functioning body, and there can be significant costs associated with it. You may have to contend not only with medical bills and expensive ongoing care, but also the reality of lost wages and the inability to work.

Life can seem particularly unfair if the wreck that caused your paralysis was the fault of a negligent driver, who may have been drunk or distracted. Fortunately, you have a legal right to recover damages.

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