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Beware the Seedy Bondsmen: Choose a Reputable South Dakota Bail Company in Your Time of Need

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Have you ever heard of the term “ambulance chasers” when it comes to greedy injury attorneys, seeking out their next paycheck from vulnerable, scared individuals and families? Unfortunately, there will always be people that prey on those in their greatest time of need. After your arrest, you may encounter one of these vultures; while they may seem like they are trying to help, they are fully aware of what they are doing.

Bail Bondsmen: What They Do, and Why You Need an Honest One

After an arrest—especially for a first offense—most people are assigned bail, which serves as a guarantee that the individual will attend their scheduled court date. When the person shows up to court on time, the person who paid bail will be reimbursed.

Many times, bail is set much higher than an amount that can easily be paid in cash, so people turn to bail companies or bondsmen. The agent will charge a fee that is usually 10 percent of the total bail amount, and keeps both the fee and the bond money after the person attends court. They also require a cosigner that can pay the full bail amount should the person skip court.

Questionable Bail Bondsmen and Companies: What to Watch For

The media often portrays bail bondsmen as sketchy individuals looking to make a dishonest buck. In fact, there are many respected companies that work hard to ensure that the transactions are fair and honest. Companies or agents that require and carefully verify cosigners and charge fair fees—again, usually around 10 percent—are intentionally trying to protect their own investment, which generally means that your investment will be well-protected, too.

Of course, among the reputable bail bondsmen are the “ambulance chasers” of the bail bond world, looking for easy targets that have just been arrested. These agents know that many people are at their most vulnerable immediately after the arrest, and will do anything to get out of jail. Be wary of any bail bondsman that contacts you in jail, offering strangely low or high fees.

When You Are Unsure of Your Next Move, Contact Us

After an arrest, whether it is your own or a loved one’s, it is easy to simply want to make the situation go away as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, there are many people looking to cash in on these hasty decisions, and you may pay a larger price in the long run.

For assistance with finding a reputable bail bondsman or even the possibility of reducing the bail amount, contact our criminal defense attorneys today. We will be happy to talk you in a free consultation to discuss your options—simply call us, or click on our live chat feature now.


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