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How People Create Additional Problems by Violating Their Probation

Jeff Cole
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If a person is convicted of a crime, being placed on probation can be a much better consequence than being sentenced to prison. The terms, or rules, of probation usually include reporting to a probation officer at designated times, not violating any local, state, or federal laws, paying all court-ordered fines, and not consuming alcohol or drugs and submitting to testing. A person has to comply with all of the terms of his probation or face further charges. And fully complying can become challenging because people are generally placed on probation for an average of one to three years—and in some cases, even longer.

Ten Common Parole Violations

Not all people violate their probation intentionally. Sometimes a person inadvertently violates his probation because he doesn’t understand all of the terms clearly or completely. Common ways a person could violate probation include:

  • Not appearing at a scheduled court hearing
  • Not reporting to a scheduled appointment with his probation officer
  • Not paying the required fines or the restitution to the victim of the crime
  • Failing to complete court ordered activities such as counseling or community service
  • Failing to keep a job or remain in school
  • Visiting people that he is ordered not to contact
  • Travelling out of state without his probation officer’s permission
  • Failing a drug or an alcohol test
  • Moving without authorization from his probation officer
  • Getting arrested for another crime

There could be other ways to violate probation because each person’s terms are different. The penalties for violating probation could include extending the time the person is on probation, paying additional fines, or revoking the probation and sentencing the person to prison.

If you violated your probation, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side. At Zimmer, Duncan & Cole, LLP, we can answer your questions and honestly explain what you can expect at any probation violation hearing. Call us at 888-733-2992 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to learn how we can help you.


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