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There’s an App for When You Get a DUI?!

Jeff Cole
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Just when you thought you’ve seen every app there is, a DUI app hits the market. Yes, there is now an app that’s meant to help you if you get pulled over for drunk driving.

The “DueyDialer” is a new app that is meant to be used if you’ve been pulled over for a DUI. The user would open the app after they are pulled over, recording their interaction with the police with the app. Once the stop is over the app has been programed to send this recording, along with your contact information, to a local DUI attorney.

Nate Leding is the Vice President of Marketing at DueyDialer. He looks at the app as something you want to have on hand, just in case.

“We hope that there is not a reason for someone to have to use this app but what we are doing is providing a tool if you want to insure your rights are preserved at a particular moment in time when you need to have them preserved,” said Leding.

Others argue that the presence of the app on a person’s phone implies that they are prepared to be pulled over for drunk driving or that it will encourage them to drink and drive. Something else to consider is that some police may actually welcome the recording. While the recording may benefit the arrested, it could also benefit police and be used as evidence against the driver.

Not Available in South Dakota... Yet                                                                                

In order for the app to contact an attorney there have to be attorneys in your area or state that have subscribed to the service. Lawyers must pay a fee to be listed on the app and thus far the app can’t be used to contact an attorney in South Dakota. The state the app’s makers are targeting first is Colorado, as they anticipate more people may need the app due to the state’s legalization of marijuana. If the app takes off in Colorado and other states there is a good chance attorneys in our state may get on board too.

A similar app, “Oh Crap!” also launched recently. Currently there is one South Dakota attorney signed up with the service.

We will have to wait and see if DueyDialer becomes a popular app or if it will flounder and fail. In the meantime, we suggest not relying on an app, be it a DUI app or a mobile breathalyzer app, to help you out. And really, if you’re considering using either of these apps, you probably shouldn’t be driving in the first place.

For answers to your most important questions, check out our YouTube Channel. Our high-quality, informative videos can help you better understand your rights and how an attorney can help protect your rights…maybe even better than an app.


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