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Limited Driving Privileges Not Guaranteed After a South Dakota DUI

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You may know someone who was able to continue driving to work or school after his or her license was “taken away” for a DUI, but don’t be too quick to assume the same will apply to you. Every single case of driving under the influence in South Dakota is different, and not everyone is able to keep driving after a conviction.

The important thing to remember is that South Dakota treats driving as a privilege, not a right. Although it may sometimes be possible to convince the court to grant you limited driving privileges or reduce the amount of time that your license is restricted, you are not guaranteed driving privileges after a DUI conviction. In fact, if you caused an accident or have a prior record of intoxicated driving your license may be completely and permanently revoked or your car may be confiscated.

Even if you are granted limited driving privileges, remember that the emphasis is on “limited.” In most cases, this means that you may be able to drive yourself only to work or school, doctor’s appointments, and court-ordered programs. Although we depend on our driving privileges to get to the grocery store, pick up the kids, and maintain relationships with our loved ones, you will still be forbidden to drive for unapproved purposes.

If you are facing South Dakota DUI charges and have questions about what will happen to your driving privileges, reach out to our experienced legal team today. In a free and confidential case evaluation, you can get the answers you need to start taking control of your situation.

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