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Break the Nationwide Holiday Tradition of DUI, and Celebrate Sober If You Are Driving!

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The holiday season is fast approaching us here in South Dakota, and as the temperatures drop, many of us head indoors for recreation and fun. Family and friends may come to town to gather for various events, and we may even get a paid day off or two from work. Football season is in full swing, and bars are crowded with merrymakers and mischief makers alike.

Across the country, it is no secret that drunk driving is far more prevalent over the holidays. Our spirits are high, and our judgment may be lowered—and many of us are faced with the option of getting behind the wheel in order to get home. Many people find excuses about a lack of taxis in South Dakota, but the truth is that there is no excuse for driving impaired.

This Season, Be Conscious of Your Own Limitations

Many people long ago memorized the chart that showed how many drinks a man or woman of a certain size could imbibe before reaching the legal blood alcohol concentration limit. They hold fast to that rule, and assume that they are in the clear.

The fact is that no two people have an identical tolerance to alcohol, and your own tolerance can vary greatly from day to day. Certain medications, health issues, and diet changes can make one drink seem like five to your body, and your impairment will be much higher than you anticipate.

Many states have been pushing the “Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving” campaign, and this holiday season, it is a good standard to live by. There is nothing wrong with over indulging once in a while, but when you choose to drink, have a concrete exit strategy in place. Know how you are getting home—whether it be a sober friend or taxi—and stick to your plan.

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