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Bias Against Cyclists Can Make South Dakota Injury Claims Difficult

Jeff Cole
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South Dakota cyclists sometimes get a bad reputation, and drivers are often quick to blame cyclists for everything that goes wrong when they have to share the road. In some cases, drivers so resent sharing the road that they purposely create problems, even for cyclists who obey the law.

Although most cyclists are used to shrugging off the public’s low opinion of their transportation choice and occasional harassment from passing cars, you shouldn’t be too quick to shrug off accusations after you get hurt in an accident. After you’ve been injured, that bias against cyclists can actually creep up during negotiations with the driver’s insurance company and end up creating major problems with your injury claim.

Examples of How Anti-Cyclist Bias Can Create Problems for South Dakota Bike Accident Victims

Not sure how a driver’s opinion of your bike can impact a legitimate injury claim? Here are two quick examples of how anti-cyclist bias from drivers can actually end up wrecking legitimate bike accident claims:

  • Cyclists are often treated like law-breakers, even when they follow the rules of the road. During an injury claim, this often means that the cyclist is blamed for the accident, even when the driver is clearly in the wrong.
  • Cyclists are often accused of being inattentive, even when drivers create surprises. When a driver flings a car door open in a bike lane, it’s often the cyclist who is blamed for not paying attention—but the driver also has a responsibility to watch for bikes.

For help with a bike accident claim or learning more about your rights after an accident, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team by phone, or simply fill out the contact form on this page with more information about your concerns.

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