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What Treatments Are Available in South Dakota for Heart Attacks?

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If there is a lack of blood and oxygen flowing to the heart through the coronary arteries in your body, then the all-important heart muscle may die. This is particularly true if blood flow is not restored quickly. Thankfully, more and more individuals living in South Dakota are surviving heart attacks due to the treatment options available. When a heart attack occurs, there is no time to waste—treatment must begin immediately for the best chance of survival.

What treatment options are available for heart attack victims?

  • Medication to prevent blood clots
  • Medication to prevent platelets from sticking to the plaque
  • Coronary angioplasty and stenting, which includes surgery to open the blocked coronary arteries
  • Bypass surgery, involving sewing veins or arteries in place beyond a blocked coronary artery

As indicated, the treatment options range from non-intrusive to actual surgery. Your doctor will determine the best course of treatment after a thorough examination. For more information, read our library article, “Our South Dakota Personal Injury Lawyer Explains Heart Attack Symptoms.”

In addition, there are steps each of us can take to help prevent a heart attack from occurring. These steps include living a healthy lifestyle by:

  • Eating a healthy diet full of plant-based foods
  • Exercising
  • Not smoking
  • Keeping your cholesterol in check
  • Controlling your blood pressure
  • Managing stress in your life
  • Drinking alcohol in moderation only

If you live in South Dakota and you believe your or your loved one’s disability was due to a heart attack which could have been prevented or appropriately treated, call the Sioux Falls personal injury lawyers of Zimmer, Duncan & Cole, LLP, at (888) 733-2992. You also may complete the form on this page for assistance from our knowledgeable Sioux Falls personal injury attorneys.

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