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Should I Hire a Private Investigator to Show My Spouse Is Cheating on Me?

Jeff Cole
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If you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, you may feel devastated and betrayed. The uncertainty of not knowing whether or not it is true could be more difficult to deal with than finding out the real answer—even if you find out your suspicions are right. If you believe your spouse would be honest with you, you may want to confront him. But if communication with your spouse has broken down, and you may not trust him to tell the truth. In this situation, you might want to hire a private investigator to determine whether your fears are justified.

How Hiring a Private Investigator Could Help Your Divorce

Like many people who discover their spouses are cheating on them, you may decide this is the last straw and that you need to file for divorce. In a state where you do not have to show your spouse’s fault to obtain a divorce, you may not need to prove his infidelity. However, hiring a private investigator could help your South Dakota divorce in several ways:

  • In South Dakota, you must establish grounds to obtain a divorce if your spouse will not agree to it. Adultery is one of these grounds, and a private investigator could help you prove it.
  • A private investigator will understand what is permitted in terms of gathering information and engaging in surveillance under South Dakota law. By hiring a private investigator, it is much more likely that you will be able to use the information he discovers in your divorce proceedings because he would obtain it legally. If you or a friend tries to catch your spouse in the act of cheating, you may not be able to use your proof because of the way the information was obtained.
  • A private investigator is skilled in obtaining evidence due to his training, expertise, and lack of emotional attachment. You could spend months trying to catch your spouse because you do not know what to look for and could get too emotionally upset in the process—without arriving at an answer.

Private investigators can be costly, so you do not want to hire one until you are certain you need to. It is always best to discuss this with an experienced family law attorney before making this decision. If you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, call us at 888-733-2992 to schedule a free consultation where we would be happy to discuss this issue with you.

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