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An Accident Reconstruction Expert Could Help You Prove the Other Driver’s Negligence

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Few car accident cases are completely black and white. Even in a fairly straightforward crash, the driver, victim, and witnesses may not accurately remember what occurred given how quickly and suddenly the vehicles collided. In other cases, liability may be much more confusing. That is where an accident reconstruction expert could help you prove the other driver’s liability and obligation to compensate you.

How Using Accident Reconstruction Could Strengthen Your Case

The victim of a car accident must prove the other driver caused the crash in order to obtain a good settlement or a jury award of damages at trial. You cannot rely on the police investigation to prove the cause of your accident. In many cases, they will not do a thorough investigation unless someone died, a crime was committed, or a hit and run driver was involved. An accident reconstruction expert could be helpful in many situations including:

  • If the driver, victim, and witnesses have significantly different versions of how the accident occurred
  • In a multi-vehicle accident
  • In an accident where a vehicle defect could have in part caused the accident or increased the victim’s injuries
  • If the vehicles were partially or completely destroyed in a fire

An expert can reach conclusions about many important factors that impact the other driver’s liability and the amount of your compensation. He may review and draw conclusions regarding the following:

  • Determine the final resting place of each vehicle
  • Analyze skid marks made when the vehicles brake suddenly
  • Determine the type and location of damages to vehicles involved in the crash
  • Inspect debris and damaged property like fences and trees in the area surrounding the accident for clues as to the accident cause
  • Determine if hazardous conditions like ice, poor lighting, or spilled oil caused the crash
  • Review your medical records regarding the extent of your injuries

How an Accident Reconstruction Works

An accident reconstruction expert should have extensive education in physics and engineering and could also have some medical expertise concerning your injuries. The expert will utilize a wide range of information in determining the cause of your accident. This could include:

  • Visiting the accident scene
  • Viewing pictures of the accident, vehicles, and injuries
  • Interviewing the drivers, passengers, and witnesses
  • Reviewing police reports
  • Evaluating vehicle, environmental, and human factors that contributed to the accident

After completing his investigation, the expert would create various scenarios of how the crash occurred and analyze the data. Often he would use computer programs to recreate the accident and determine how various factors contributed to causing it. Using this information, he could answer some of these questions important in your case:

  • How fast the vehicles were going and their movements right before and during the crash
  • Who caused the accident and how it occurred
  • Whether your actions contributed to causing the crash
  • What actions could have been taken to prevent the wreck
  • How and why victims were injured

An experienced car accident attorney can advise you on whether you need an accident reconstruction expert and can help you find a qualified one. Call us at 888-733-2992 to schedule a free consultation.

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