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Four Family Members from Sioux Falls Killed in a Single-Vehicle Crash

Posted on Mar 15, 2013

A fatal motor vehicle crash that occurred on Saturday, February 23, 2013, took the lives of four family members from Sioux Falls. The South Dakota Highway Patrol is still trying to determine the cause of the crash.

According to the South Dakota Highway Patrol, Jim Vollmer, 52, and his wife, Julie Vollmer, 48, were traveling east on Interstate 90 with two of their children, Alysa Vollmer, 16, and Caleb Vollmer, 13, on Saturday night. The Vollmer family was riding in an SUV when it moved into the passing lane and then into the inside shoulder of the interstate. The SUV then hit the guardrail and traveled off an embankment where it came to a stop on the opposite embankment.

While all of the occupants were wearing seat belts, sadly, none of the family members survived. The father and two children died at the scene, but the mother, Julie Vollmer, was airlifted to a hospital in Sioux Falls where she later died from injuries associated with the crash. 

The South Dakota Highway Patrol is trying to recreate the scene to determine what caused this fatal crash. At this time, the police do not believe that snow or ice was a contributing factor, and they will now look into whether the crash was a result of mechanical failure or a medical condition.

We extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends impacted by this tragic crash.

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