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I-29 Accident Backs Up Traffic in Sioux Falls for Hours

Posted on Feb 22, 2011

A multi-car accident on Interstate 29 in South Dakota backed up traffic for eight hours on Wednesday, February 2, 2011, while cleanup took place.

The accident occurred between 12th and 26th street, when a pickup truck collided with an 18-wheeler on slick roads. The semi was carrying two tanks of liquid fertilizer.

The semi-truck flipped over into the median after the collision, spilling around 1,000 gallons of fertilizer. Firefighters had to spend the rest of the day cleaning it up.

"There was a crash between the two vehicles. The semi-truck and trailers ended up in the median," South Dakota Highway Patrol Captain Kevin Joffer said.

The snow in the median explained the delays. "The wrecker needs room to work with getting the truck up and out. Same thing with the tankers," Joffer said. "As you set these things up you have to be careful. It's tedious work and so it takes time."

The driver of the pickup truck sustained minor injuries in the crash, and was ticketed for reckless driving. The driver of the semi-truck was unharmed in the accident.

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