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Police Hope School Zone Enforcement Will Prevent Sioux Falls Accidents

Jeff Cole
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Posted on Sep 21, 2013

As young students across South Dakota and the rest of the nation head back to school, drivers need to use caution and start following school zone safety laws, now that school is back in session. Officials with the Sioux Falls Police agree, and that’s part of why they’ve recently stepped up their enforcement actions in the area’s school zones. 

Although police will be on the lookout for all kinds of illegal and reckless driving behaviors in school zones, officials say their focus is on reducing speeding and making drivers more aware of school zone locations after the summer break. Brian Krozier, a traffic officer with the Sioux Falls Police Department, talked about how drivers sometimes forget about school zones or speed on their way to work. Krozier warns drivers that even a few moments of distraction can take a child’s life and says that “The emotional toll is huge. You don't want to be responsible for killing somebody and have to live with that for the rest of your life."

Krozier also said that another benefit of the increased enforcement action is that the simple sight of a police car near a school zone can be enough to remind drivers to slow down, pay attention, and be careful. 

Unfortunately, many teens and small children are hurt every year in Sioux Falls accidents caused by negligent drivers who do not follow traffic laws in school zones. If your child was seriously injured by a distracted or reckless driver in a school zone, reach out to the experienced Sioux Falls accident attorneys with Zimmer, Duncan, and Cole, LLP, today for professional and compassionate legal guidance.

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