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Shot Fired in Dangerous Incident of Road Rage in Sioux Falls

Posted on Jan 07, 2013

Road rage took an awful turn on Saturday, December 8, 2012, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota when two drivers were involved in an incident during the early morning hours.

According to police from Sioux Falls, the driver of one vehicle, Matthew Wayne Leiss, 29 years old, and the driver of another vehicle, Jessie Quarve, 23 years old, were driving dangerously and endangering those on the roadway when they were swerving at each other through many blocks. Police responded to a call involving both drivers when a witness reported an accident in the area of 12th and LaMesa, in Sioux Falls. This accident involved possible assault with a gun.

Police indicated the accident occurred when one of the drivers slammed on the brakes, resulting in the other vehicle rear-ending the first car. The driver of the back vehicle shot at least one gun shot, which went through his own windshield and became lodged in the rear of the front vehicle.

Both drivers were arrested in the incident. Matthew Wayne Leiss was arrested for reckless driving and Jessie Quarve was arrested for driving while intoxicated, aggravated assault, and possession of a firearm while intoxicated.

Thankfully, no others were injured in this incident of reckless driving.

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