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Wintery Weather Blamed for Multiple-Car Accident in Sioux Falls

Drew Duncan
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Posted on Dec 14, 2013

Even light snow, a little ice, or freezing drizzle can be a serious danger on the road, and an accident in the northeastern part of the city is just another example of how real those dangers can be. A slippery intersection reportedly caused a recent car accident in Sioux Falls that injured three people. According to a report from the Argus Leader, four cars were involved in the accident on Monday, November 11, 2013, when a 38-year-old woman lost control of her Town and Country mini-van at the intersection of East Madison Street and Six Mile Road. 

Aaron Walton, a sheriff’s deputy with Minnehaha County, said that the mini-van was unable to come to a stop at the stop sign, instead sliding on the slippery road into the intersection. The mini-van hit a Lay’s delivery van, which then collided with a Honda Odyssey in another lane. The impact sent the Odyssey into another lane, where it collided with a Honda Civic.  

In all, ten people were involved in the four-car accident, and two adults and one child were sent to an area hospital for reportedly minor injuries. No further information about their conditions has yet been released.

Although some accidents are unavoidable, don’t take light snow lightly! The team at Zimmer, Duncan, and Cole, LLP, urge all drivers to take caution in the bad weather this winter—and not to be fooled into taking risks behind the wheel when the weather is just so-so.

We are relieved to hear that no major injuries were reported, and we hope that the three people injured in this Sioux Falls accident are able to experience a fast and full recovery from their minor injuries. 

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