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Restoring Your Legacy in South Dakota

South Dakota will contest lawyer represent will cases involving undue influence, unsound mind and more.It is difficult to bear the death of a family member or loved one, even if the death was expected after a long illness. The pain is even worse when you suspect that your loved one's will does not reflect his stated wishes or contradicts promises made to the family. No one wants to look heartless or greedy when a family member dies, but a suspicious last will and testament is not something you or your family should ignore because of tension or hurt feelings.

If you suspect that fraud or undue influence contributed to a last-minute change or an unexpected bequest in a will, respecting a mother's or father's last wishes may mean hiring an attorney to challenge the validity of the document. Or you may need a South Dakota probate lawyer to defend your relative's will against false claims.

With offices in Sioux Falls and Parker, South Dakota, the fast, adaptable, approachable, and professional lawyers at Zimmer, Duncan and Cole, LLP handle a range of cases including will contests. 

Our attorneys understand the emotional difficulties involved in these cases and will work to spare your family the rancor and bitterness that may arise from contesting a will.  

Wills can be contested or questioned for many reasons, including: 

  • Undue influence - Your in-laws in Dell Rapids, SD kept the rest of the family away from your wife's dying mother. They monitored her mail and took her phone calls. Now they get the entire estate per the terms of mom's new will. Something is not right. 
  • Unsound mind  - Your grandfather in Parker, SD seemed perfectly lucid up to his death, but the strange bequests in his will suggest that he may not have been mentally sound when he drafted it. 
  • Fraud - A scam artist operating in South Dakota developed a fraudulent financial relationship with your father at the end of his life. Not only did he take dad's money while he was alive, but he convinced your father to change his will. 
  • Lies - Your grandmother lived in Mitchell, SD and you live in Sioux Falls. You didn't see her much but thought your relationship was good, only to learn that someone had intentionally ruined your reputation with her. As a result, she cut you out of her will.

Our elderly relatives are especially vulnerable to scams and financial manipulation. This is a dangerous, non-physical form of elder abuse. 
The firm of Zimmer, Duncan and Cole, LLP has an established reputation for winning cases in South Dakota. Our attorneys do not back down. We will go to court on your behalf if necessary. 

Things to consider when making a will: 

In order to avoid uncertainty about your own will, make sure you and your legal representative are familiar with the Uniform Probate Code and its terminology as it is used in South Dakota.

In addition to a Last Will and Testament, you may consider drafting a more detailed ethical will or legacy letter, which helps to ensure that your family and loved ones clearly understand your wishes and the reasoning behind your bequests.

You also have the option of leaving funds in a Revocable Living Trust, which allows you more control over the investments you leave to your beneficiaries. A trust is not considered part of the estate and does not have to go through the probate process upon your death.

  • If you feel that your South Dakota loved one's will was produced under undue influence or on the basis of misinformation or fraud... 
  • If you feel that your South Dakota loved one's will does not reflect his or her wishes or statements... 
  • If you need to defend your South Dakota loved one's will against false claims... 

Please call 1-888-733-2992 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free consultation. You can also request our free report for more information to help you decide if you need a South Dakota probate attorney's help. 

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